The Stanly County Home Builders Association (SCHBA) is a non-profit organization which represents and promotes the building industry through service to its community and to its members.

The Stanly County Home Builders Association (SCHBA) strives to keep members informed of current building industry issues through hosting a monthly dinner with guest speakers and through publishing a monthly newsletter. This newsletter includes information relevant to our association, community, and industry.

SCHBA and You Make A Winning Team

The Stanly County Home Builders Association (SCHBA) is a dynamic, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to ensuring safe, affordable housing for the people of Stanty County while protecting and representing our members so their businesses can grow and prosper in a free market economy.


Our association supports the industry by representing the interests of residential builders and developers on issues that affect their ability to provide affordable housing for all citizens of Stanly County. So if you make any portion of your living from the residential housing sector within our community, than you should make an investment in your future by supporting the efforts of the industry.